Tuition Centre

In line with Redbrick Academy’s values, our Tuition Team strives to ensure that every Redbrick Member reaches their Academic Potential. With a 100% pass rate in all exams including (but not limited to): GCSE’s, 11+ Entrance Exams and end of year SATs Exams, we know our formula for teaching works.

Every Member is different and is motivated by different stimulus. It is our job to identify and use this stimulus to help our members become more studious and learn at capacity higher than they are used to. The results speak for themselves and we are grateful for the Parents / Carers of our members to continue with us beyond assessments.

Service Options:

  1. At Our Tuition Centre (1 Tutor to 5 Members)
  2. Online Tuition Service
  3. Blended Learning (Best of both)