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Redbrick Academy is a pioneering Childcare service provider with our After-School Club being the best in class. Having gone through a number of OFSTED inspections, we have been remarked as being an exemplary Childcare Service Provider with strong Leadership and engaging service for our young customers. From the moment children enter Redbrick Academy, they are met by our warm and friendly team who chaperone them to make sure they are refreshed and given an opportunity to relax and decompress. Activities at this point are leisurely with engaging activities ready, for those with a little more energy. Children will then have Hot-Snack (we call it a snack, but its more like a meal), followed by a healthy cold snack such as fruits or yogurt. More information below...

What they get up to after-school...

    After children have arrived, they have an opportunity to relax, light play and get have some Hot Food.


    This process helps children decompress from their school day and then they are ready to engage with organised activities, all of which are optional of course. The activities include:


  • Support with their homework and school projects
  • Character Development Sessions, where we use stories to demonstrate qualities that aid success in education and life
  • Learning Arabic through Quran and Tajweed
  • Team Competitions which aid learning and life skills
  • Organised Play Activities

    Our playworkers will make sure that your child is look after and engaged in activities within a safe and secure setting so you can take your time coming back from work having the confidence that your child has been watered, fed and had the opportunity to engage with activities to support their school work at least.. That's a load off your mind :-)

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