Why Us?

Because we understand your needs and support your vision…

We understand every Parents / Carers need to work and provide not just a living, but progressive and pioneering opportunities for their children.

We understand your need to provide a safe and loving environment where your child(ren) are comfortable and have the opportunity to play, learn and grow with people who are dedicated to the safety, well-being and development of every child.

Redbrick Academy not only understand this but also delivers ‘Best In Class’ Play and Learning opportunities all-year-round in an invigorating and safe Childcare environment.

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Our Services

We offer a range of services to help nurture and educate children while also giving them the space to express themselves through various activities and events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between aspirations and attainment by complementing the primary and secondary learning of every young person in Manchester, whilst also firming the foundations of their beliefs so they become confident in themselves and their ability to achieve.

Our Services

We understand that when children come from school, they will need time to relax and replenish their energy ready for them to explore their potential with us.

That is why upon their arrival, they will sign-in to their dedicated rooms, where they can relax and play while waiting for us to serve them a Hot Snack help them re-energise.

We want to make sure that you and your child are taking real benefit from being at Redbrick Academy and so our service provision and focus will be geared (but not limited to) the following three core areas:

    Tuition is all about ensuring that your child is progressing and are receiving any support they need along the way. The support is offered in the form of the following:

    Homework Support:
    This is an optional drop-in style service designed to support members with their homework set by schools.

    Math, Science & English Tuition:
    Each member has a designated account to their Tuition Portal. Computer equipment is readily available and work can be accessed from home. All work is done online, marked and Parents / Carers can also receive progress reports.

    With our tuition service, we have taken all the administration hassle of looking for workbooks, printing and marking out of the equation so that our Tutors have more time to support our Members on their learning journey.

    Exam Preparation:
    From preparing Members for Entrance Exams to Private Schools to preparing Member for Tests and End Of Year Exams our Tutors have a proven track record in helping members prepare, up level and succeed in their exams.

    We recognize that learning how to read and understand the Quran is a personal journey for everyone. With this in mind, our Tutors observe and work individually with its Members to help them with Quran in the following areas: .
    • • Being able to read Arabic fluently
    • • Helping to Memorize Juz Amma and other important Surahs
    • • Correcting and helping understand language and recitation errors (Tajweed)

    In catering for the needs of the local community, the vast majority of which are followers of the Islamic faith.

    With this in mind, we have developed classes that will not only cater for the needs of its Muslim Members, but will also compliment their Character Development by study and practice universal agreed moral principles.

    We will include examples and teachings from (but not limited to) the following:
    • •Stories of the Prophets
    • • Prayer (5-Daily Prayers, Eid Prayer, Friday Prayer)
    • •Supplications (Du'a)

Our Facilities

Your child will normally come straight after school to Redbrick Academy where we have a fun and inspiring environment, making it easy and enjoyable to develop and learn. Here are just some of the facilities we have available:

Hot Snacks

Hot snacks on most days with the occasional fruits and yogurt to mix things up.


Including Table Tennis, Snooker Table, PlayStation 4 and Board Games

Fully Equipped Library

A library of books for every age group; Access to laptops; and Printing so Members can get all of their work done in one place.

Fun, Engaging Classes

  • Age: 5-15 Years
  • Capacity: 120 Places
  • Age: 5-15 Years
  • Capacity: 120 Places
  • Age: 5-15 Years
  • Capacity: 120 Places
  • Age: 5-15 Years
  • Capacity: 40 Places

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